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White Lab Laboratories offer sampling, testing, and quality controls on any water type to ensure its safety and compliance with legal limits.

Our offer of accredited chemical and microbiological testing is intended for water for human consumption (drinking water), surface water (rivers, lakes, marine waters, etc.), waste water, thermal water, and swimming pool water.

The hygienic and sanitary control and the testing to ensure potability are regulated by Italian Legislative Decree No 18/2023 ‘to protect human health from the adverse effects of any contamination of water by ensuring that it is wholesome and clean’ and regard all the treated and untreated water intended for human consumption, regardless of their origin (water supply network, condominium water, well water, etc.).

By drafting Water Safety Plans (WSP), we can evaluate the drinking water quality through the method that is considered as the most effective by the World Health Organisation, i. e. an integrated approach of risk assessment and risk management taking into consideration all the phases, from the sampling to the consumer.

In compliance with what was established by the State-Regions Conference on 16 January 2003 (transposed into Italian law by Resolution of the Regional Council No 8/2552 of 17 May 2006) and the publication of UNI 10637:2006 standard, swimming pool water must comply with a specific sampling and testing procedure. Chemical, physical, and microbiological testing is required both for inflow water and pool water. In case the pool is intended for public use, the testing is necessary to draw up and update a mandatory document of health and hygiene risk assessment.

The environmental monitoring activity of surface water located close to the mouths of the rivers or in general stagnant water, which is increasingly used by industries, consists in the identification of specific potentially present pollutants, as defined in European Framework Directive No 2008/105/EC. Chemical and microbiological testing to monitor surface water status must be carried out in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree No 172/2015 implementing Directive No 2013/39/EU on priority substances in the field of water policy.

We also offer a comprehensive sampling and testing service of treated and untreated waste water coming from production plants, public treatment plants and rainwater (AMC - Contaminated Rainwater, AMPP - First Flush Rainwater, AMDNC - Uncontaminated Run-Off Rainwater), in compliance with current national regulations (Italian Legislative Decree No 152 of 03/04/2006 and following amendments and additions), regional laws, and discharge authorisations. We carry out studies on the chemical processes of purification and the reduction of pollutants to identify the appropriate treatment conditions for the creation of pilot plants and their scale-up.

White Lab can fully support the customer to draw up the necessary documents for the Waste Water Discharge Authorisation of waste water coming from manufacturing and/or service facilities and to manage the different deadlines laid down in current laws and regulations on waste water discharge.

Find out the range of testing:

White Lab’s offer for the water industry also includes:
  • Testing non-metallic inorganic constituents
  • Testing metals
  • Testing organic constituents
  • Testing chemical-physical parameters
  • Microbiological testing (Salmonella spp., Shigella spp., etc.) in drinking water, well water, technological water and mains water
  • Sampling the different matrices
  • Testing groundwater to ensure the compliance with Table 2, Annex 5, part IV of Italian Legislative Decree No 152/06
  • Chemical and microbiological testing to monitor surface water status in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree No 172/2015
  • Chemical and microbiological testing of waste water to ensure the compliance with Table 3, Annex 5, part III of Italian Legislative Decree No 152/06
  • Ecotoxicological testing
  • Sampling and testing samples coming from piezometric wells to determine in-situ chemical and physical parameters thanks to different types of multiparameter probes
  • EBI (Extended Biotic Index) testing to evaluate the status of river ecosystems depending on their biodiversity 
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of water treatment plants with integrated solutions for purification, potabilisation and recovery of industrial waste water
  • Preliminary studies, planning, construction and management of water treatment plants for industrial, drinking, primary and process water
  • Design and management of industrial water softening plants based on reverse osmosis and ion exchange, remineralisation systems and systems for the removal of contaminants
  • Identification of Citrobacter spp.
  • Identification of drug residues (antibiotics, hormones, active principles)
  • Testing for Legionella pneumophila and drawing up Legionella risk assessment and risk management plans (DVR)
  • Testing for PFAS and PFCS (perfluorinated compounds) as set out in Italian Legislative Decree No 18/23 and regional regulations for water intended for human consumption and waste water
  • Evaluation of SBI (Sludge Biotic Index) to evaluate the biological quality and treatment capacity of the sludge present in the oxidation tank of activated sludge plants
  • Identification of AUR and SOUR to evaluate the oxidation processes taking place in treatment plants

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