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Today, the safety of the environment we live in, the consumer products and the production processes is as important as ever.

We could give up many products in our daily life, but we cannot do without a healthy environment, safe food, and effective medicines. These aspects require special attention and constant, careful and meticulous monitoring.

White Lab is the result of the desire to create the largest Italian network of laboratories. With an extensive network throughout Italy, it is dedicated to protecting consumer health thanks to a wide range of tests and consultancy services for companies in the food, environmental, agrochemical, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.

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White Lab Laboratories work hard to constantly advance and renew analytical methods and state-of-the-art instruments. White Lab's great attention to constantly strengthening its infrastructures and its staff allows to provide customers with the highest quality and safety standard, thus meeting the increasing demand for safe products.

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A global network with a local approach.

White Lab offers a network of highly-specialised laboratories located throughout Italy. All of them are equipped to ensure the quality and safety of tested products. In order to guarantee this quality standard, White Lab has acquired its branches on the basis of their specialisation and performance in each different product and service.

A company that meets customer needs.

Our laboratories provide effective services with a global quality standard that is typical of a large corporation and at the same time they also offer a tailor-made approach to each customer as in a local business. Each laboratory of the group has therefore very high-level skills and know-how to cope with the most difficult problems in any industry.
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Contributing to a safer world.
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