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Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the safety and quality of your products.

Use our LabFinder to find the most suitable laboratory for your needs. You can find a laboratory by place, industry or service.


Logo 2 - USeries laboratorio - White Lab

The U-Series laboratory operates in the field of radioactivity and radiation protection dealing with both natural and artificial sources.

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The CTR laboratory operates mainly in the engineering, geotechnical and environmental sectors.

Logo 2 - Testing laboratorio - White Lab

Test'ing operates in the Medical Devices and consumer goods sector for CE marking and other international certifications.

Logo 2 - L.A.S laboratorio - White Lab

60% of the L.A.S. laboratory operates in the field of food analysis and 40% carries out environmental analysis.

Logo 2 - Laboratorio biochem - White Lab

The main activity of the Biochem laboratory is based on in vitro and in vivo safety and efficacy tests and on Medical Devices.

Logo 2- Eurolab laboratorio - White Lab

The Eurolab laboratory operates in REACH and RoHS, FCM and environmental fields.

Logo 2 - Savi laboratori - White Lab

Operates for 65% in the analytical laboratory sector in the environmental and agri-food fields and for 35% in the service sector with water treatment plants.

Logo 2 - L.A.V laboratorio - White Lab

The L.A.V. laboratory operates 90% in the environmental sector and 10% in the HSE sector.

Logo 2 - Labostudio laboratorio - White Lab

Labostudio operating 70% in the environmental sector and 30% in the field of safety and hygiene in the workplace.

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