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Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the safety and quality of your products.

Use our LabFinder to find the most suitable laboratory for your needs. You can find a laboratory by place, industry or service.


Q.I. Composites S.r.l. offers non-destructive testing and chemical analysis of materials, operating mainly in the nautical sector.


Vetorix Engineering is specialized in non-destructive testing and operates in the automotive, nautical and aerospace sectors.


Testing S.r.l. operates in the automotive sector dealing with the validation of materials, new components and new solutions.


The Agiometrix laboratory operates in the automotive field with experience in the aerospace and military defense sectors.

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The U-Series laboratory operates in the field of radioactivity and radiation protection dealing with both natural and artificial sources.

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The CTR laboratory operates mainly in the engineering, geotechnical and environmental sectors.

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Test'ing operates in the Medical Devices and consumer goods sector for CE marking and other international certifications.


60% of the L.A.S. laboratory operates in the field of food analysis and 40% carries out environmental analysis.


The main activity of the Biochem laboratory is based on in vitro and in vivo safety and efficacy tests and on Medical Devices.

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The Eurolab laboratory operates in REACH and RoHS, FCM and environmental fields.

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Operates for 65% in the analytical laboratory sector in the environmental and agri-food fields and for 35% in the service sector with water treatment plants.

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The L.A.V. laboratory operates 90% in the environmental sector and 10% in the HSE sector.

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Labostudio operating 70% in the environmental sector and 30% in the field of safety and hygiene in the workplace.

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