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Water treatment plants

waste water purification plants - White Lab

White Lab offers an integrated service for designing and building waste water purification plants to allow the discharge into the surface water body or the sewers and of water recovery plants for the reintroduction of water in the production cycle.

Thanks to a highly-trained team of engineers and technicians and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, we guarantee that you will achieve purification targets while reducing the cost.

The management of industrial and civil waste water and their recovery and reuse are key themes for the sustainable use of resources in a circular economy framework.

White Lab’s services on the construction of waste water purification and recovery plants and primary, drinking and rain water treatment plants are available for a wide range of industries: livestock, dairy, slaughter, meat and wine processing, confectionery, canning, jam, textile, leather, chemical, pharmaceutical, steel, petrochemical industries, etc.

The wide range of plants includes conventional activated sludge treatment systems and the development of specific treatment systems and innovative purification technologies such as:
  • Integrated biological reactors with membrane filtration process, MBR
  • Activated sludge sequencing batch reactors, SBR
  • Chemical-physical plants

Many parameters need to be monitored for each type of plant, as they are set out in applicable regulations and/or related to plant operation to optimise its management and reduce maintenance costs.

For example, there are two main parameters serving as indicators of the purification process effectiveness in activated sludge plants: SOUR (Specific Oxygen Uptake Ratio) and AUR (Ammonia Utilisation Rate). Monitoring this data ensures that the water is subjected to an adequate biological oxidation to remove organic substances and pollutants. In addition, monitoring some values of incoming waste water is necessary to ensure a proper operation of the plant:
  • BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)
  • COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
  • Total suspended solids
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen
  • Total phosphorus
  • pH and conductivity

On the other hand, the characteristics of outgoing waste water are established by the limits set out in applicable regulations on water: Italian Legislative decree No 152 of 03/04/2006 and any relevant local regulation.

The whole service package on plant management, installation and maintenance is tailored to the specific needs of the industry in which the customer operates. We offer a high degree of specialisation in the management of the waste water of agri-food companies and more specifically in the grape and wine and dairy industries. In addition, for the companies in the tanning industry, particular attention is attached to the treatment of the waste water with high sulphate and chloride content, while for the companies in the construction industry, innovative low-cost strategies are available for the purification and reuse of the water coming from the production of mortar and glue.

Build the most suitable waste water purification and recovery plant for your needs with White Lab. Thanks to our integrated sampling, testing and consultancy services on all the environmental matrices, we will be your trusted all-round partner for the water matrix.

Find out the range of White Lab’s services

Plant types
  • Industrial and waste water treatment
  • Primary and drinking water treatment
  • Rainwater treatment
  • Purification
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Water softening
  • Filtration and dechlorination
  • Other water treatment plants
Available services
  • Preliminary and feasibility study
  • Process engineering
  • Design
  • Turnkey construction
  • Renovation and/or expansion of existing plants
  • Integration and replacement of equipment and special compartments
  • Revamping and regulatory updates
  • Support, management, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the plant
  • Supply of chemical products for different systems (purification, reverse osmosis, cooling circuits, boilers, water softeners, etc.) and dosing systems
  • Cleaning and maintenance of waste water treatment plants
  • Septic tanks (Imhoff) and grease separators
  • Oil separators and sand separators
  • First flush rainwater systems
  • Storm drains and street grates
  • Video inspections and mapping of sewage systems
  • Cleaning and maintenance of lifting systems
  • Global service for the maintenance of all the electromechanical equipment and hydraulic lines, which allows a significant reduction in operating costs
  • Possibility for the customer to monitor the results of all the testing related to the plant management in real time thanks to the WEBLAB platform
  • E-mail alert service to receive real-time alerts on any out-of-bound value

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Characterisation, classification, testing and services on waste.


Milk and diary products

Testing and services for the food matrix of milk and products thereof.


Soils and Sediments

Testing any type of soil and sediment for agronomic evaluation and remediation activities.



Testing and services to ensure that materials in contact with food are in compliance.



Consultancy, sampling and testing regarding CEMS, biogas, soil gas, biofilters, and odorous emissions.