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Maritime, port, and airport industry

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White Lab Laboratories offer an integrated consultancy, testing, and training support for the maritime, port, and airport industry in terms of food safety (HACCP) and water intended for human consumption.

A technical-sanitary and regulatory training service for all the operators in the sector is also available.

White Lab Laboratories have a division dedicated to the maritime, port, and airport industry with service packages for:
  • Ship owners (cruise ships, passenger ships, chemical tankers, offfshore ships, recoil ships, etc.), boat owners and charter boat owners
  • Marine agencies for shipowning representation
  • Port's and airport's water supply network operators
  • Air fleet operators

The consultancy and testing regard hygienic-sanitary aspects of the food safety industry (HACCP) and the analysis of all water types: the water transported to the mainland in ports and airports and the water served on board air and naval fleets.

In particular, we draft Plans for Hygienic and Sanitary Self-Control (PAIS) in line with the HACCP and we swab test surfaces and food in compliance with the international ILO MLC 2006 standard (Maritime Labour Convention) and in line with the requirements of the Offices of Maritime, Air and Border Health (USMAF).

With specific reference to the ministerial authorisations to be issued to tankers transporting drinking water by sea, we support ship owners with drafting the technical-sanitary documents required and we test the water intended for human consumption in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree No 123 of 28 January 2020.

The drafting of the Water Safety Plans (WSP) needed by port's and airport's water supply operators are carried out in line with applicable Italian and European regulations.

As regards water safety, accredited testing is carried out to detect the presence of Legionella and Health Surveillance Plans (PSS) are drafted with a Risk Evaluation Document (DVR) to prevent Legionella from spreading.

White Lab's water testing is carried out through sampling and transporting activities in Italy and abroad.

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