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White Lab Laboratories offer consultancy, sampling and accredited testing services both on atmospheric emissions and channelled gaseous fluids.

We cover all the areas of the industry: CEMS, biogas, soil gas, biofilters and odorous emissions. We fully support the customer to obtain and maintain the necessary authorisations (AUA, AIA etc.).

Atmospheric emission is defined as ‘any solid, liquid or gaseous substance introduced into the atmosphere which could cause atmospheric pollution’ and channelled emission as ‘the emission of pollutants through one or more specific points’.

The Italian Legislative Decree No 152/2006 also known as Environmental Consolidated Act (Testo Unico sull’Ambiente - TUA) is the regulatory framework on atmospheric emissions and sets out that all companies must obtain an authorisation for emissions in order to operate.

Manufacturing plants, incinerators, and great combustion plants must therefore undertake the relevant authorisation procedures:
  • Ordinary authorisation, which is now included in the procedure of the Single Environmental Authorisation (Autorizzazione Unica Ambientale - AUA)
  • Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Permit (Autorizzazione Integrata Ambientale - AIA), which replaces the previous one as regards emissions for the companies that are subject to it.

The TUA sets out not only the emission limit values, usually expressed as average hourly concentration, but also the sampling methods, the testing that must be carried out and the criteria to determine the compliance of measured values. To be considered appropriate, the measurement must be representative of the operating conditions of the plant. Therefore, there must be a certain number of samplings over a given period of time.

Some companies such as waste-to-energy plants and incineration plants must constantly provide relevant authorities with the concentration values of some parameters and must therefore have a Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) in place.

Our team of experts can manage CEMS systems and create sampling and measurement plans tailored to the needs of the customers thanks to the information collected in a preliminary inspection document.

In addition, we carry out verifications of CEMS systems in compliance with UNI EN 14181:2015 standard, through Quality Assicurance Level 2 (QAL2) and Annual Surveillance Test (AST) control procedures. Furthermore, the Relative Accuracy Index (RAI) too is calculated for gas analysers.

Innovative methods and state-of-the-art equipment allow our laboratories to ensure reduced testing time with quantification limits that are even lower than required by regulations.

Find out the full range of White Lab’s services

White Lab’s offer for the Emissions sector also includes:
  • Sampling and testing Odorous Emissions through active and passive systems and electronic noses connected to remote sampling systems
  • Preliminary studies for the installation of biofilters for the purification of channelled gas flows and atmospheric emissions through the determination of all the parameters that can affect the operation of the filter itself (for example, the presence of substances that are harmful to microbial life)
  • Design and construction of treatment plants based on biofilters for industrial gaseous emissions
  • Direct soil gas sampling though bags
  • Indirect soil gas sampling though adsorbent samplers
  • Testing some soil gas parameters on site
  • Testing volatile and semi-volatile substances in soil gas ensuring the compliance with the limits of quantification required by applicable regulations and control bodies
  • Monitoring and testing soil gas as a support to remediation activities (flux chamber)
  • Biogas testing and characterisation to evaluate its use in cogeneration plants and the compliance with applicable regulations
  • In-situ biogas testing: methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen. sulphur, calorific value, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid
  • Biogas laboratory testing: total fluoride, total chlorine, mercaptans, hydrocarbons, chlorinated and fluorinated solvents
  • Sampling flue gas with CEMS sensors (probe, transfer line, conditioning system and analysers) through a set of remote sensors (system signals and characteristic parameters of the fumes), a dedicated system to acquire the signals from those devices and save them in a file and a data processing software (validation, subsequent processing, storage and possible transmission)
  • Consultancy on the reduction of the different pollutants in gas flows to design and build treatment plants
  • Development of mathematical models of dispersion and deposition at the ground of pollutants.

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