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Occupational safety and hygiene


Rely on White Lab laboratories to ensure full compliance with the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree 81/08, thus guaranteeing the protection of the health and safety of workers in both public and private companies.

White Lab offers integrated environmental monitoring, microclimate analysis, consultancy and training services in the framework of Italian Legislative Decree 81, supporting customers in a specific way for each industrial sector.

Occupational safety is an essential pillar of company management and includes a set of measures, assessments and monitoring aimed at preserving the health and integrity of workers, which mitigate the risks in the working environment.

It consists of two fundamental components:
  • Prevention, aimed at avoiding the occurrence of harmful events through the implementation of appropriate preventive measures
  • Protection, aimed at limiting the consequences of any harmful event occurring despite preventive measures
From a regulatory point of view, the reference framework law is Italian Legislative Decree No 81 of 9 April 2008 "Consolidated Law on Health and Safety at Work” which applies to all companies with at least one employee or equivalent figures (trainees, on-call workers, apprentices, etc.).

The principles on which occupational safety is based, in compliance with the aforementioned decree, are:
  • Health and safety risk assessment
  • Elimination or reduction of risks
  • Reducing the use of hazardous substances
  • Carrying out periodic health checks on workers
  • Safety training of workers
  • Training of company safety representatives
  • Planning and implementation of safety measures
  • Supervision of the effectiveness of safety measures
The Consolidated Law requires, among other things, that a risk analysis and assessment is carried out and reported in detail in the Risk Assessment Document (DVR - Documento di Valutazione dei Rischi), also called 'Risk Prevention Document'. This document must be constantly updated and, specifically, in the event of:
  • Changes in working conditions
  • New laws and regulations or amendments to existing ones
  • Accidents or significant events
  • Periodicity set by local regulations
In situations where several companies operate simultaneously in the same workplace or in the same environments, such as construction sites, or in subcontracting situations, it is necessary to draw up an additional document: the Single Interference Risk Assessment Document (Documento Unico di Valutazione dei Rischi da Interferenze or DUVRI) - Article 26 of Italian Legislative Decree 81/08, identifying the risks arising from mutual interference in the activities carried out by the different companies and establishing the measures necessary to prevent and manage them in a coordinated manner.

The White Lab laboratories specialising in the field of industrial safety and hygiene offer a comprehensive range of technical and consultancy services thanks to a constantly updated multidisciplinary team.

Find out White Lab's Occupational Safety and Hygiene services

  • Periodic Risk Assessment Document (DVR)
  • Specific risks
    • Noise
    • Vibrations
    • Stress
    • Working mothers
    • Chemical risk
    • Repetitive movements
    • Handling of loads
    • Confined spaces
    • Electrical risk
  • Operational Safety Plan (P.O.S.) for construction sites
  • Single Interference Risk Assessment Document (DUVRI - Article 26 of Italian Legislative Decree 81/08)
  • Analytical determination and interpretation of thermal comfort
  • Determination and interpretation of thermal stress in severe cold environments
  • Determination and interpretation of thermal stress in severe hot environments
  • Assessment of local thermal discomfort
  • Assessment of thermal comfort requirements for different room categories and space types in living environments

White Lab offers in-person and online training courses valid for compulsory training in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 81/08:

  • Training courses on specific risks according to the customer's production activities and/or at the customer's request (e.g. compulsory training course for the safe use of diisocyanates)
  • Courses for workers:
    • Head of the Prevention and Protection Service (RSPP) for employers
    • External Head of the Prevention and Protection Service (RSPP)
    • First Aid Officer
    • Fire-fighting Officer
    • Worker Safety Representative (RLS)
    • General Module Course
    • Specific risks
    • Supervisor (Preposto)
    • Equipment operator
    • Training for trainers
    • Course for forklift truck drivers

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